06 Aug 2018
August 6, 2018

August Mod Bogey. 28.7.2018.

August Mod Bogey. 28.7.2018.
Division 1
S Doswell                          37pts
M Guest                            37pts
N J Thompson                   36pts
S Doswell won division 1 with 2 birdies and 8 pars beating M Guest in a card play off.
Division 2
S Johar                              38pts
J Maudsley                         38pts
M J Hutchinson                   36pts
S Johar won division 2 with 10 pars beating J Maudsley in a card play off.
Division 3
J Hardy                              39pts
M Peachey                          37pts
Anthony Smith                    37pts
J Hardy won division 3 with 1 birdie and 3 pars beating M Peachey by 2 points.