13 May 2019
May 13, 2019

Head Green Keepers Update.

Frustration I think is the word this week. It’s been tough with the weather against us, the short week with the bank holiday and a couple of machines breaking down on us.
However, the team have worked really hard and persisted in difficult conditions.
Unfortunately the rain has meant the fairways and surrounds have dropped a lot of clippings. Hopefully these will disperse over the coming days.
The fairway mower broke down last week and was out of action up until Thursday dinner time so there’s been a real rush to get these cut. We had to resort to cutting them 50/50 as appose striping just to get a cut on them all.
We’ve begun divoting the tees and started some of the strimming which we will continue next week.
We’re up to a full team of 4 now and hopefully next week we’ll start to see the benefit of this. We’ll be verti-cutting the greens Monday so there may be some minor disruption however this should only last the day will improve the surface.
The new sprayer will be going out next week and applying the first of our liquid feeds on the greens as well as a selective weed killer to the range.
The weather looks to be improving next week as well as temperatures so I feel positive next week will be a good one.