03 Oct 2018
October 3, 2018

October Mod-Bogey. 29.09.2018.

October Mod-Bogey. 29.09.2018.
Division 1
A Turner                     42pts
P G Smith                   39pts
G A McGreavy             38pts
A Turner won division 1 with 1 birdie and 15 pars beating P G Smith by 3 points.
Division 2
P Palmer                    39pts
K Smith                     39pts
C Wilson                    38pts
P Palmer won division 2 with 1 birdie and 7 pars beating K Smith in a card play off.
Division 3
M Crook                     40pts
D Kemp                     37pts
P J Walker                  36pts
M Crook won division 3 with 7 pars beating D Kemp by 3 points.