07 May 2018
May 7, 2018

Saturday’s Results. 28.4.2018

Saturday’s Results. 28.4.2018
Division 1
N J Thompson                37pts
M Knowles                     37pts
S Doswell                      36pts
N J Thompson won division 1 with 13 pars beating M Knowles in a card play off.
Division 2
J Docherty                     38pts
J Douglas                       38pts
C Foster                         36pts
J Docherty won division 2 with 5 pars beating J Douglas in a card play off.
Division 3
M Lodge                         37pts
P Scurrah                       34pts
A Groves                        31pts
M Lodge won division 3 with 3 pars beating P Scurrah by 3 points.